Waveplate Positive Displacement Pump

Nuphlo’s new generation Waveplate positive displacement pump is ideal for the gentle handling of shear sensitive, fragile and viscous products, common to the food and dairy industry.

The Waveplate 4” (100mm) inlet and outlet pump has added advantages over lobe and worm type pumps traditionally used, namely smooth, pulsation-free flow (at lower revs than the equivalent lobe pump with the same throughput), virtually eliminating pipe vibration. The simple robust design saves on costs.



  • Gentle handling of typical viscous and shear sensitive food products.
  • Capacity ranges from 10m3/hr to 60m3/hr at pressures up to 10 bar.
  • For higher flows, the pump can be direct coupled to an 8 pole motor (11 kW min.) For lower flows, SEW motor gearbox units are used with input kW determined by product and pumping rate.
  • Coupled to a VSD (Variable Speed Device) output can be perfectly matched to process requirements and the pump can be automatically controlled by external sensors or computer programme