Petrol/Diesel Drive Pumps

Developed for smaller road tankers used away from mains power. Typically these use 5.5 – 18hp Honda petrol engines or more recently 10hp Yanmar diesel engines.

The 5.5hp Honda motor fitted with a 2:1 speed reduction box close-coupled to a C200 pump is ideal for milk collection tankers. The output shaft revs at a maximum speed of 1800rpm which is considered a safe speed for whole milk without causing fat particle degradation.
Engine driven pumps used for chemical transfer are fitted with compatible seals and ‘O’ rings and can be supplied with BSP threaded fittings for use with quick-connect couplings.




  • Where portability is necessary, there is no access to electric power or the capital outlay of a hydraulic drive system is not warranted.
  • Is generally used on smaller road tankers carrying food products, chemicals, etc. as a discharge pump, to supply customers’ installations.


  • All the special features relevant to the Nuphlo C200 centrifugal pump more features of centrifugal pumps.
  • Close-coupled to the Honda engine, i.e. no flexible coupling used, directly mounted on the crankshaft extension.
  • BSPT threaded inlet and outlet to take reinforced plastic couplings used for acids and alkalis.
  • Fitted with seals and ‘O’ rings to suit the product pumped