Hydraulic Drive Pump

Nuphlo Pumps and Transport Hydraulic Solutions have worked in conjunction with the New Zealand dairy industry to provide an elegant hydraulically driven pump solution for dairy road tanker pumping requirements.

In New Zealand, Fonterra's brief to minimise milk loading times at the farms and keep their tankers "on the move", led to the development of Nuphlo's large C250, and in more recent times the C250+ pump. These large 4" centrifugal pumps are specifically designed to run at low speeds (1500 - 2000rpm) so no damage occurs to the whole milk fat particles. Flow rates are not compromised and the pumps can deliver loading rates up to 2000 litres/minute. No other milk tanker loading system we are aware of can match this loading rate, which is why most milk collection tankers in New Zealand (over 600 total) are fitted with the Nuphlo/Transport Hydraulic Solutions system.



  • All the special features pertaining to the Nuphlo C250 Centrifugal Pump, LR250 Liquid Ring Pump, PD20 and PD30 Flexible Impellers Pumps apply to these hydraulically driven versions.
  • All pumps are close coupled via an enclosed aluminium bearing housing to a hydraulic gear motor. The unit can be bulk-head mounted.
  • The large, dynamically balanced impeller on the centrifugal pumps runs at a slow 1500 – 2000 rpm to prevent fat particle damage in whole milk from the farm vats.
  • Pre-greased double row ball races are fitted to the pump shaft to ensure long, trouble free life.