Flexible Impeller Pump

Nuphlo's range of semi positive displacement pumps, featuring white silicone flexible impellers are widely used by the food, beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.

There are currently two sizes of flexible impeller pumps; PD15 and PD20. There is also a worm-box version of each for very high viscosity and slow speed.




PD15 Flexible Impeller Pump

Inlet diameter: 40mm (1½”) 
Outlet diameter: 40mm (1½”)
Maximum capacity @1500 rpm: 150 L/m
Maximum pressure : 2.5 bar


PD20 Flexible Impeller Pump

Inlet diameter: 50mm (2”)
Outlet diameter available: 50mm (2”)
Maximum capacity @ 1500 rpm: 300 L/m
Maximum pressure : 3 bar